Your work on the Jianbao cable is as follows:

- Responsible for market development, developing new customers, establishing and maintaining good customer relationships, and letting customers become distributors or agents

- Create customer profiles and maintain them regularly

- Solve customer pre-sales and post-sales problems and complete the tasks specified by the company

- Complete sales tasks and follow up on sales receipts

job requirements:

- No gender, college degree or above

- Customer development and customer relationship maintenance

- Strong professionalism, responsibility, good team spirit

- A pioneering spirit and a good sense of teamwork, strong learning and communication skills and negotiating skills, good coordination, resilience and problem-solving skills

- Good at taking the initiative, active enthusiasm, dedication, love, good psychological quality, strong resistance to stress

- Priority in cable and cable sales experience

Recruitment number: 10

Salary: 3K-5K plus commission

Personnel Phone:19927641253