Your work on the Jianbao cable is as follows:

- Continuous testing activities based on laboratory management systems and procedures to ensure quality and safety

- Complete daily inspections in accordance with relevant work instructions, fill in and save original records in a timely manner

- Cooperate with the quality person in charge to complete the quality work: including equipment inspection, proficiency verification plan, etc.

- Responsible for the preparation and revision of related work instructions, original record related forms

- Ensure that the laboratory successfully passed the audit work of CNAS, CMA, etc.

job requirements:

- Bachelor degree or above, major in building materials or engineering, male or female

- Familiar with computer office software operation, with good Chinese writing ability

- Experience in testing work is preferred

- Have good teamwork skills

Recruitment number: 2 people

Salary: 3.5K-6K

Personnel Phone: 19927641253