Your work on the Jianbao cable is as follows:

- Responsible for dealers, customer group research, industry market information, competing product information collection and finishing

- Proposal and assistance in the planning and execution of the brand's external image, promotional materials and other marketing materials

- Relevant image and propaganda copy writing, have their own thoughts and ideas on the company's brand promotion

- Assist in project promotion and implementation related to corporate image promotion

job requirements:

- College degree or above, major in advertising, Chinese, news, communication, marketing, etc.

- Excellent writing skills, sensitive to advertising and marketing industries, hot events, etc., with strong topic creativity and image appreciation, and good at grasping user needs and psychology

- Flexible thinking, excellent creative performance and planning skills

- Excellent resource management and ability, cheerful and good at communication. Strong resistance to stress and optimistic work attitude to adapt to high-intensity and challenging work atmosphere

- Unlimited work experience

Recruitment number: 1 person

Salary: 7K-12K

Personnel Phone: 19927641253