Marketing manager

Marketing manager

Your work on the Jianbao cable is as follows:

- Develop a market expansion plan based on the company's overall plan

- Actively conduct market research, analysis and forecasting - writing relevant image and promotional copy, have their own thoughts and ideas on the company's brand promotion

- Responsible for business negotiation, business contract and agreement drafting - Master market dynamics, effectively open up new customers and broaden business channels

- Carefully analyze the market conditions and make suggestions for the management of the branch

- Reasonably resolve customer complaints, answer customer's questions, maintain customer relationships, and make daily communication work

- Complete temporary tasks assigned by superior leaders

- Regularly report on the work of the business, and adjust the direction in time to maintain close cooperation with the operation department

- Have team experience

job requirements:

- 25 years old and above, technical secondary school or above

- More than 3 years working experience in the sales industry, sales experience in the wire and cable industry is preferred

- Extroverted, responsive, expressive, excellent communication skills and communication skills, with affinity

- Have certain market analysis and judgment skills, good customer service awareness

- Positive energy, responsible, able to withstand greater work pressure

Recruitment number: 3 people

Salary: 6K-12K

Personnel Phone: 19927641253

Marketing manager