warehouse supervisor

Your work on the Jianbao cable is as follows:

- Responsible for the overall work of the warehouse and daily work management, coordination between the department and the various functional departments

- Responsible for the formulation and revision of warehousing procedures and management systems, and the improvement of warehouse management processes and standards

- Develop a warehouse work plan. Formulate this month's work plan, summarize and analyze the work of the department in the previous month, and lead the staff to complete the target task

- Responsible for the daily work of the warehouse manager to make the daily work efficient, accurate and orderly

- Reasonable layout and management of positions, responsible for planning the planning of each position. Identification, fire prevention, security

job requirements:

- Logistics major or college degree or above

- Warehouse managers who have worked in related cleaning products companies for more than two years are preferred

- Strong problem solving and communication skills, skilled use of basic office management software

- Strong sense of responsibility and team spirit, able to work hard and withstand certain work pressures

Recruitment number: 1 person

Salary: 6K-8K

Personnel Phone:19927641253