In 2019, attention should be paid to the five "pits" of photovoltaic modules.



315, what does it mean?

315 is a worldwide festival that was established by the International Consumers Union in 1983 to promote the promotion of consumer rights protection.

Why should we establish such a day? Two words: chaos!

Three hundred and sixty lines, which industry is more or less 'chaotic', so the state must manage, the world must manage, we must forcefully resist these fake and shoddy products in these societies, and make the market a bad business!

The photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly in recent years. There is such a situation in the market. The speed of development of any industry is as fast as possible. The time is long and it is a “pit”. Many small companies hold “chicken feathers” as “order arrows”. , shoddy, especially the photovoltaic module is too much!

What are the fake components in the PV market?

No.1: Paper-made components


This is not a joke, it is not a matter of nothing. In the past few years, when PV modules were mainly profitable for export, there were a number of black-hearted manufacturers. The battery chips were stuck with paper. The important thing was that they were sold abroad, making China’s photovoltaic reputation Destroyed, what was unexpected was that these people actually deceived their individuality and deceived the tricks. The Golden Sun Project began to use the same subsidies to defraud the local government.

Nowadays, the trick of paper components has disappeared, but it is still a stain on the history of China's photovoltaic industry. This is chaos!

No.2: sub-filled components

No matter what product is in the production process, there will be some defective products that are produced due to processing errors, such as tobacco, food, etc. The same is true for PV modules. If the inferior components are found in random sampling, they will generally be low-priced. Returning to the factory, and then re-processing, re-engineering and then entering the market circulation. At present, only PV modules can be circulated on the market. However, some merchants will inevitably see the money, and it is clear that the B-class components are sold to the A-class. The price, shoddy, if you have not found, then so sorry, the pit is you, this is chaos!

No.3: Knee-leg assembly + external strong hollow component

Both are the middle-flow pillars of inferior PV modules. It is not uncommon in the market. The so-called kick-leg components, as the name implies, say that the power of the components is not up to standard. Generally, small manufacturers sell 250-watt PV modules, but the actual power may even exceed 200. Not all.

External strong hollow old yellow bamboo refers to the problem of inferior battery pieces. In order to save production costs, small manufacturers buy some cracked battery pieces, collapsed battery pieces, and deceive consumers. This is chaos!

These black-hearted merchants are getting farther and farther on the road, but they are still cheating, and there are 'hard dishes'!

No.4: Zhang Guan Li Dai components

This kind of deception is quite high-end. Who knows the first-line big-name manufacturers, the quality is good, the reputation is good, and the photovoltaic components made by small businesses are not sold. This is hard to beat the black-hearted manufacturers. Today, Jingke has a good reputation. The logo of Jingke, the day after Yingli sold fire, posted a Yingli, the new ordinary consumers do not know how to know the goods, can lie to lie, this is chaos!

No.5: deck components

The king of the fake components

The component market is changing very fast. Almost every year, new technologies, new changes, components are constantly being upgraded with the research and development of large companies. With the elimination of components by the first-line companies, this process has made those black-hearted manufacturers happy, big companies. The components that are eliminated, bought at a low price, affixed with the system identification code of the new components of the big company, and the signage. This deck component is also checked online, but if you look at the sign carefully, it will be 'showing', this is chaos. !

Today's market is so chaotic, in addition to the national boycott, I hope that consumers can also enhance the awareness of anti-fraud, enterprises can also enhance the awareness of brand protection, and jointly create a green and healthy photovoltaic market environment.