Improve disaster prevention capability, Build life security line

-- a fire drill in Guangdong Jianbao Cable Co., Ltd in 2019


The Admin. department of our company organized an emergency escape drill with the local fire department at 18:30 on June 4,2019. Our objectives are to strengthen the safety work, make the staff understand the basic knowledge of fire control, master the emergency response and escape skills of emergencies, improve the ability of self-rescue and self-care of the staff, and enhance the safety management level of our company.

In order to make the drill more effective, more realistic scene, we located the fire in the dormitory. During the exercise, we put in smoke cake and started fire fighting vehicles, and simulate the skills of smoke escape and rescue the wounded. In order to make the fire drill more effectively, we set up an emergency command center, the alarm contact group, fire fighting group, evacuation group, rescue assistance, peripheral alert group, all segments work well together.

We started the fire drill with the bell of emergency alarm at 18:45.The evacuation emergency team and the leaders of each floor immediately arrived at the post to assist the staff in the dormitory to evacuate quickly and orderly. Everyone have a very strong sense of safety, can bend down with a small handkerchief, towel and hand over the nose according to the requirements in 'escape', all staff followed the team and evacuated to a safe location quickly. ALL staff can do orderly, act quickly and in harmony in the entire process. There isnt a chaotic scene and 'secondary' disaster! After the drill, the leaders of each floor will report the emergency evacuation situation to the commander-in-chief at once, and analysis deeply the details. We have a successful the fire emergency evacuation drill activities, which took 1 minute and 45 seconds, all evacuate safely. 

Afterwards, the leader Yao of the fire brigade in Zengjiang Street, made a detailed explanation and practice dry powder extinguishers by himself, and popularized the basic knowledge of fire safety to the employees involved. 

Through the fire drill, not only the staff's safety awareness was further strengthened, the feasibility of fire prevention was tested, but also the emergency rescue process was familiar with. All these play a strong role in promoting the emergency command, coordination and disposal ability, and lay a solid foundation for the efficient and orderly emergency work in the future!


Guangdong Jianbao Cable Co. LTD

June 9, 2019