Charging pile power cable
Charging pile power cable

Uses: for electric car and power charging connection

Features: Temperature class: -40~105°C, bending radius: ≥ 4 OD

Our charging pile cable is based on CQC 1103~1105-2015 'Technical Specifications for Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging System Cables' and customer requirements. We use 99.99% pure copper, imported raw materials from Singapore, conductors to add ballistic resistant wire and copper foil. Silk, using a series of measures such as braided wire and aluminum foil Mylar with double shielding to increase the performance of this kind of products, our products have: oil resistance, wear resistance, crush resistance, high frequency bending and other excellent performance.


Name: Charging pile cable

Model: EVDC-SSS (105) (DC), EV-SSS (105) (AC), etc.

Specifications: 2*70+1*25+2*4+2P(2*0.75)+P(5*0.75), 2*35+1*16+2*2.5+2P(2*0.75)+P(6 *0.75)etc.

Number of cores: 5~18 cores

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